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Axis Advisory and Managment
AXIS S.p.A. is a professional|a modern|an independent
distressed loan & asset advisory and special servicing company operating in Italy under Article 115 TULPS licence.

The company manages the full distressed credit management cycle, from the portfolio sourcing, due diligence and valuation, to loan & asset management and real estate services.

It provides services to Investment Funds, Banks, Financial Institutions, Asset managers and Servicers. AXIS is based in Rome, with a second operational office in Milan.


A mix of professional experience to build up a solid and reliable company.

Founder and Partners set-up an independent servicer for the management of complex credit portfolios, both on NPL and unlikely-to-pay, on behalf of third party. Axis shareholders have been involved over the last 10 years in 50+ transactions in the NPL market, both buy and sell side, mainly concerning loan portfolio (~€25 bn GBV) but also servicing platform and IT system


Senior management team with proven experience (10+ years in the NPL space), able to adapt to the changing financial and economic environment with unparalleled track-record and knowledge in the advisory, legal, real estate and debt collection market on behalf of several counterparties, acquiring a large spectrum of capabilities to comply with different requirements.

In order to align interests, the top management team is part of the shareholding structure and managers have a significant variable component of their compensation.

Procedures and System

Axis has a proprietary IT system with cloud infrastructure, with the highest levels of performance, security and reliability of technology partners. It’s fully in compliance with the GDPR rules.

System has been developed by a technical team with significant track-record in the implementation of dedicated platforms for the management of loans and guarantees: it incorporates advanced monitoring and analysis capabilities to ensure the highest management performances. Learning machine process as key factor of internal procedures.

Operational Model

Code of conduct

Axis defined a code of conduct to put its principles and values into practice.


We provide professional services to maximize the value of our clients' assets.

Consolidated relationships with the main Italian Banks, Servicers and Investors, allow to intercept portfolio or single name opportunity which might match investor's expectations. Chance to intercept investment opportunities before the default, identifying the best opportunity in the market according to investor's appetite and targets. Consolidated knowledge of banking information and process to maximize due diligence efficiency.

Advisory & Underwriting

Data-remediation process, detailed assessment procedure per different type of loans (NPL/UTP, Secured/Unsecured), intensive monitoring procedure (data consistency, missing information, link control), consolidated data-point, recovery curves structured extrapolation process, advanced pricing models.

Main services:

  • Due diligence
  • Data remediation
  • Documents analysis
  • Collateral valuation
  • Single name assessment
  • Business planning
  • Statistical analysis
  • Cash flow and pricing
  • Transaction support
Loan Management

Consolidated procedures, constant monitoring of the best strategy to apply with a NPV maximization approach, pre-enforcement analysis, capability to work on different systems, captive system support, full concentration on recovery process appointing different functions on non core activities (invoices, services, closing), potential cooperation with the internal master legal service and with auction facilitation team

  • Boarding
  • Pre-default monitoring
  • Single name assessment
  • Recovery strategy optimization
  • Business planning
  • Closing processes
  • Collection monitoring and management
Real estate
  • Evaluation activity: significant data point on real estate transactions both in judicial and free market, consolidated network of appraiser and brokers, unique system that allow a real time update to the loan management team on real estate value, automatic real estate re-assessment in case of update information (CTU, auction progress).
  • Marketing activity: partnership the main real estate advertisement company to incentivize auction participation, having evidence of the most attractive asset (having more advertisement interest) and subsequently better address the strategy between extrajudicial, Reoco, judicial sale or loan sale. Significant increase of positive case resolved without Reoco intervention. Availability to manage Reoco on behalf clients.
Master Legal

Master legal network through Axis Lex, as option for legal procedure management, ability to work with client's network in the prospective of cost minimization and time/efficiency monitoring, link to Court system to get real time update and document and minimize lawyer's bureaucratic activity


Our company cares deeply about ethics: we are committed to operating according to principles of correct behavior, complying with laws and acting every day according to values of honesty, reliability, impartiality, loyalty, transparency, fairness and good faith.

To this end, Axis makes the Whistleblowing process available to you, should you encounter behavior or facts that are deemed to represent misconduct or irregularities, violations of laws, company procedures, Models 231 and any behavior that violates the values of integrity, honesty and respect for people.

Remember that reports must be adequately substantiated in order to be taken up and that Axis guarantees the confidentiality of your identity, in accordance with legal requirements.

As a tool, the Whistleblower channel is a fundamental support for helping us to prevent and detect illegal or irregular conduct in the Entity.

Instructions for use

General Information System Policy

I have read and accept the information on personal data processing.


Here you can view the documentation related to Whistleblowing (document 231).


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